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A leader committed to the restoration of his beloved community, Ron Walker is author of two recently published books about his parents, the great migration, and the lessons born of love, commitment and sacrifice.

The Journey in Chapters

Dive into these resources and allow them to strengthen your voice in changing the lives of our young men of color. Begin your legacy now.

Reflections on the Real A.I.: Ancestral Intelligence
June 21, 2024
This commentary was inspired by a dear friend and brother in the work of creating safe, hope-filled, culturally centered educational ecosystems for boys and young men of color. These spaces ...
King Crush Thursday Interviews Ron Walker
February 22, 2024
King Crush Thursday, the Interview: Highlighting and uplifting black men, because we need to support our community. The men who are featured in this series come from different segments of ou...
Working On Knowledge Equally (WOKE): Why Black History Matters! 
December 13, 2023
A leader can use their own background and knowledge to affect the future of the children they teach. As we enter February, the designated month for the appreciation of Black history, a crit...