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A Plea From an OG!

What can be done to stem the current frenzy of gun violence?

It has become a predictable reality that every day in America a Black male will die from gun violence. Some will perish because of confrontations with the police; too many of these deaths are at the hands of another young Black male. Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that many of these deaths could have been prevented. The essential question that I ponder is: will this ubiquitous cycle of violence within communities of color ever end, or is this the condition of the times that we are doomed to inherit?

Because I am an optimist, I refuse to see this as the eternal fate of Black people in these communities nor of society in a broader sense. I cannot accept that the virulent spread of gun violence is our destiny and will become the legacy of those not yet born. But to derail what is creeping into our lives with each new day revealing a new death by gun, we must assume an abolitionist posture and mindset. It’s time for a renaissance reset.