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Book of Life

What can the future hold for boys and young men of color if their promise is fulfilled?

You will recognize our brothers by the way they act and move throughout the world
There will be a strange force about them,
There will be unspoken answers in them,
This will be obvious not only to you but to many
The confidence they have in themselves and in their community will be evident in their quiet saneness.
The way they relate to women will be clean, complimentary, responsible and with honesty.
The way they relate to children will be strong and soft,
Full of positive direction.
The way they relate to men will be that of questioning our position in this world,
will be one of planning for movement and change,
Will be one of working for their people
Will be one of gaining and maintaining trust within their community,
These brothers at first will seem strange and unusual
But this will not be the case for long
They will train others and the discipline they display will become a way of life for many
They know that this is difficult, but this is the life that they have chosen for themselves, for us, for life:
They will be the examples,
They will be the answers,
They will be the first line builders,
They will be the creators,
They will be the first to give up the pleasures,
They will be the first to share a value system,
They will be the workers,
They will be the scholars,
They will be the providers,
They will be the historians,
They will be the doctors, lawyers, educators, farmers, priests and all that is needed for development and growth.
You will recognize these brothers and

from Book of Life, by Haki Madhubuti, 1973