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Transformative Leaders as Instructional Equity Warriors

What actions can leaders take that encourage instructional equity?

Transformative Leaders functioning as Instructional Equity Warriors do the following: Before anything, build self-care into your leadership lifestyle.

  1. Set the conditions to meet the needs of marginalized students
  2. Power an agenda that brings students into the sphere of success
  3. Bring equity out of vague or generic terminology like social justice
  4. Begin to build your proficiency around instructional equity
  5. Walk point around and for instructional equity
  6. Get all students ready for muscle to carry the cognitive load
  7. Help those you lead to get ready
  8. Create the container that supports the climate of trust
  9. Establish common language when talking about equity
  10. The shared language agrees to what we say yes to and no to
  11. We say yes to building word wealth within every student
  12. We say no to implicit bias, racism, etc.
  13. How we will pass the baton and what standards we use
  14. Create a new narrative to interrupt the dominant narrative
  15. Recognize attempts to maintain the dominant narrative
  16. It’s not enough to address micro-aggressions
  17. The new narrative must be around student success. No platitudes

From Equity Warriors: Creating Schools That Students Deserve, George Perry, 2022